4 Steps to Customer Awesomeness

Do you have Good, Great or Awesome customer service?

If you are a small business the biggest advantage you have over your large competitors is your ability to provide incredible, awesome, fantastic and legendary customer service.  People will pay more for Awesomeness. (Really)

How do you become Awesome?  It is about doing the simple things to perfection……or to the level of Awesome.

Strive for Customer Awesome.

Remember, it doesn’t matter what you think, only what your customer thinks of your customer service.  Your litmus test is at the end of serving a customer do they say, “You guys are awesome.”  If so, you have reached Customer Awesomeness.

No Robots Allowed.

People HATE having to deal with customer service robots.  “Press 1 for this, 2 for that.  Say this so I can direct you to the right person.”  If you are a small business, be small, be responsive, be there for your customers from the first touch to the final touch of that interaction.

Adapt and Overcome

It’s not about policy.  It’s about making customers happy.  Don’t be afraid to adapt and overcome a situation of rules or policies to make a customer happy.  Let them see that they are more important than your focus on the bottom line.

Be There for Them When They’re No Longer There

Follow up.  After a customer purchases from you, follow up with them days or weeks after.  See if they are still satisfied.  See if there is anything else you can do for them. Let them know, by your actions, that you are there for them.  Show them that you are thinking of them after they have given you their money.  This is investing in the relationship.

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